Strengthening the management of the education system is one of the foundation's core objectives. It is evident that the forces of globalisation are posing a great challenge not only to ill-equipped educational system of most countries across Africa, but to all developing countries. One of the very core issues here is the technology gab between these societies. In Cameroon for example, it is not uncommon to come across a university graduate who has never had anything to do with the computer. This may sound quite disturbing given that we are living in IT decade where every youth should be comfortable working with the computer and be able to fluently use the very basic software. The current educational system makes it very hard for students to familiarise themselves with this technologies through a compulsory process. It is thus the foundation's prime objective to help facilitate and provide the know-how to the most vulnerable schools that might not stand the chance of benefiting from any governess sponsored scheme to cover this technology gab. Given that the Acha foundation finds it imperative that no child or region should be left behind during this current technological wave, it has embarked on a range of projects in partnership with other local organisations and institutions to enhance and promote ICT awareness in schools across the country and thus reduce the potential gab that would be. Given the impact management and leadership of learning institutions have on the educational outcome in the country, it is of paramount importance to equip this leadership with the best possible tools and knowledge so that it can then be passed over to the students. By providing inspirational leadership and effective management to learning institutions, the context for learners within those institutions can be greatly improved. In realising the pressures faced in education, the Acha Foundation is committed to finding ways to strengthen these individuals and the systems that support them in their leadership and management roles. School principals and their management teams are tasked with balancing many diverse strategic and practical responsibilities and the success of a school depends on their ability to effectively manage these tasks.