It is imperative that special attention be given to providing the most disadvantage sectors of our communities, such as rural areas with the financial resources, physical infrastructure, and knowledge base to attain a similar level as those in other developed areas. Such communities need to be empowered with innovative knowledge-based development strategies based on new models that have either been tested elsewhere or new ones that have the potentials of improving the livelihood of the concern. Achafoundation in partnership with other institutions help formulate ICT policies that will positively impact such communities. The foundation strongly believes that when the right ICT strategies and policies are in place, a limited investment in human and technological capabilities can have an enduring, catalytic effect on development concerns, especially poverty reduction. Besides aiming at playing a key role in policy issues, the foundation supports and provides programs aimed at building the ICT capacity of these communities. The Foundation is keen on identifying talented young people and providing them with the knowledge and training skills with the hope that it will be passed on to others while at the same time avoiding the common risk of excluding some people from acquiring such knowledge