The World Wide Web

Affordable High Speed Internet for all sounds more of an illusion than reality especially when it comes to most Sub Shaharan African Countries, giving the digital gab between the region and the rest of the world. However wide that gab may be, we are convinced that given a minimal amount of resources with the determination of  dedicated individuals under an inspiring and effective leadership, that gab can be greatly reduced and thus providing the leeway to the internet era that until now has been limited to those in the northern hemisphere.

One of the core objectives of the the Acha Foundation is to facilitate this transition period using all possible resources at its reach in bringing the internet to the door steps of every potential but disadvantage user. To achieve this goal, the foundation together with its partners have embarked on a number of projects ranging from identifying the challenges facing the concern communities to implementing targeted projects aimed at over coming those challenges.
Applying a core principle of the foundation which is that of horizontal dissemination of knowledge, projects are designed to achieve the best out comes. Inspiring and outstanding individuals from the communities are trained and provided with infrastructure needed to pass on the knowledge across to others in the communities.
The acha foundation also provides facilities and workstations especially in communities with limited resources.

To achieve this same goal from the educational perspective, the foundation is working in partnership with schools to fully implement  effective webbase learning systems with cutting edge websites and technology needed to facilitate the dissemination of  learning materials while at the same time gaining  exposure to the rest of the world. We will not relent our effort until every single school has found its place on the world wide web.